“Accepting all the good and bad about someone., and the people who are important to that person. It’s a great thing to aspire to..

The hard part is actually doing it.”

I just realized that sometimes the miracle happens not when others change for us but when God changes our hearts to accept them for who they are. Let us not judge so we won’t be judged. Let us not condemn so we will not be condemned. God knows when we look at others with our eyes and not with our hearts. The best way to treat those who are indifferent to us or even those who despise us is to love them just as Christ loved us without looking at our blemishes. There is a greater reward knowing that if we suffer because we loved unconditionally we will have peace and joy in our hearts not because of what others did to us but what we have done for them in return.
"I hope life treats you kind and I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of and I wish to you, joy and happiness but above all this, I wish you love"

We are commanded to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. (Mat 5:43) There may be times in our lives when we would rather wish for someone to fall because they have treated us badly. We think that we will be justified when that person suffers for doing us wrong. It is easy to love people we like but the real challenge is loving the people who hurt us.

I know it is easier said than done but we will doing ourselves a favor if we put this to heart. It is a test of our character and our faith. It actually makes us a better person. It will make us happier and who knows, we might even be the catalyst for that person to change.

“Love changes everything…”- another line from a song. It really does and we were all given the ultimate example of Love in the life that Jesus had to give up for us in the cross. We may never even come close to that kind of love for others but It is consoling to know that we are loved no matter who we are, no matter how good or bad we have been, we are simply and unconditionally loved. I hope this gives us enough inspiration to take away the hatred in our hearts and love just as much as we have been loved.

5 Common Mistakes that can harm a Marriage:
1. Flirting with anyone other than your spouse.
2. Being too critical or disrespectful to your spouse.
3. Keeping secrets of any kind from your spouse.
4. Neglecting communication with your spouse.
5. Prioritizing other people or pursuits over your spouse.
“Marriage is so much more than a set of rings and a legal agreement…it’s a God-given gift uniting two imperfect people with a perfect love and an undying commitment to each other”
There isn’t enough room in your marriage for both selfishness and love, so you must decide everyday which one gets to stay.
A marriage certificate is like a winning lottery ticket…it will change your life if you value what it represents, but if you treat it like just other piece of paper, you’ll throw it away along with all that it could have brought you.
And so we got MARRIED!♥

And so we got MARRIED!♥


Love each other well for the sake of your marriage, but also for the sake of your children. They are watching you closely and you are teaching them how they should treat their future spouse and how they should expect to be treated. Create the kind of marriage that your kids would want to have someday!

When you’ve made a mistake, don’t make excuses, make apologies! Never let your pride stand in the way of healing. Be humble enough to admit fault and seek forgiveness.
Marriage is a lifelong commitment to love someone even when they’re being unlovable, to forgive someone even when they’re unworthy, to respect someone even when they’re at their worst and to never give up on each other no matter what!

If you’re hiding money, conversations or anything else from your spouse, you need to come clean. Secrets in marriage are as dangerous as lies. A marriage can’t survive without honesty and trust.

“Marriage is two imperfect people brought together by a perfect God and committed to a lifelong love no matter what!”
Disagreements in your marriage won’t have a “winner” and a “loser.” You are partners in everything, and you’ll either win together or lose together, so work together to find common ground.